Grayson is Dirty Energy

Glendale is looking at a $500 million expansion of the Grayson Power Station that will increase emissions by 415,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide annually, increase ozone and particulate pollution by tons, and generate electricity to sell to other cities. This is like adding 90,000 more gas-burning cars to Glendale roads! We have to stop the Grayson Expansion.

Their plan is faulty for a number of reasons: it’s bad for our health, it’s financially risky, and they want to pollute locally to power other cities. GWP has only gotten advice from fossil fuel experts who stand to gain financially if the largest gas project goes forward. They have not looked reasonably at alternatives to fossil fuel power.

At a recent council meeting, over 500 people showed up to protest the proposed plant while GWP presented their latest supportive arguments. We’re asking that the council hire independent renewable energy experts  to look at Glendale’s power needs and advise on how we can meet Glendale’s current and future power needs with renewable energy. The council considered the proposal and here is a summary of the meeting with video of the Council’s deliberations. In the end, the council decided to wait until the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) is finished in in late March.

We need people to write to the city council to Stop Grayson!

The most important thing is to write personal letters that come from the heart. Be creative and show that you’re not just cutting and pasting from a form letter. Decision makers see these and it makes a difference. Go here to send an email.

Some Background

The upcoming California Renewables Portfolio Standard (RPS) 2030 deadline mandates that all publicly owned utilities including GWP procure 50 percent of their electricity from eligible renewable energy resources. The Grayson repowering project does nothing towards that goal. The power generated by the proposed Grayson plant would be 100% dirty. To meet the RPS requirements, the utility is expecting to purchase renewable power from the grid. The expansion is grossly over-sized in order to generate and sell a significant amount of energy to other utilities at a time when other utilities are also looking to move away from dirty power. We’re building an expensive dirty power plant no one wants or needs!

The utility is in the process of rolling out their polluting plans by drowning them in lengthy documents.  The current step is the Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR). It’s 5000 pages long and the public was given the minimum 30 days to review and comment on it.  The utility is now finalizing the response to the comments in order to make minimal changes to the plan and release a final EIR for approval by Glendale City Council.

Find out more about the financial risks here, the health risks here, and how it will impact your power bill here.

Next Steps to Stop Grayson

The Final EIR is expected to be released in March and presented to council in late March.

The Glendale Utility Commission is expected to review the final EIR in their March meeting and pass a recommendation for the council in April

The council will then vote to finalize the EIR soon after that

The council will then vote on going forward with the project after that

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