End of the Comment Period

Today is the end of the public comment period for the Grayson draft Environmental Impact Report. In just a few weeks, we’ve seen word spread quickly on the potential environmental harm, health impacts, and financial risks of GWP’s fossil fuel plant expansion.  Emails poured in to Glendale City Council with residents’ objections to the plan. We expect that public awareness and outrage will only continue to grow. Below are three of those great comments letters that I want to highlight.

The next phase of the EIR process is for Stantec to respond to all the comments that were sent in. Stantec will make any necessary corrections or changes to the EIR. They will then issue a final EIR for review by the Glendale Water and Power Commission and the Glendale City Council. At a recent council meeting, GWP expected the final EIR to come out in January. After a period to review the Final EIR the commission will make a recommendation to the council. Next, the council will vote on certifying the final EIR. That wouldn’t mean that the project is approved, just that the council accepts the EIR. A vote on the expansion will come afterwards.

Looking at the EarthJustice comment below though, it sure makes it seem like it’s going to take longer to correct the EIR! EarthJustice knows the EIR process back to front and their comment letter eviscerates the EIR. EarthJustice Staff Attorney Angela Johnson Meszaros is my new hero!

pdf: EarthJustice Comments on the DEIR for Grayson Repowering Project

Friends of the LA River (FoLAR) advocates for the public use of the LA River They have been working on a multi-million dollar wetland renewal project right outside of the Grayson plant that wasn’t even mentioned in the EIR.

pdf:  FoLAR Comments on the EIR for Grayson Repowering Project

The Glendale Historical Society Logo

The Glendale Historical Society gave an analysis of the cultural significance of the Grayson plant, both historically and architecturally.

pdf: The Glendale Historical Society Comments on the EIR