January 23rd is Our Chance

The city council meeting on January 23rd is our chance to get an independent review of the options for the Grayson power plant. We need you to be there to offer support by either speaking at the meeting, holding signs, or just showing up as a concerned citizen. Wear green. If you can’t make the meeting then at least send in a letter to the council beforehand so they know where their constituents stand.

Last month, Councilmember Zareh Sinanyan, made a motion to agendize a vote to pause the Grayson process and conduct an alternatives study. It was seconded and added to the agenda on January 23rd. GWP’s Steve Zurn, of course, tried to push back on any discussion of alternatives by asking to wait until the draft EIR process was finished. GWP wants to build this oversized dirty fuel plant so badly, they can’t even see that it’s probably going to be mothballed as California pushes utilities for more and more renewable energy. When they hired dirty fuel consultants to write their 10 year plan and so-called environmental review of the new larger plant, it’s no surprise that they haven’t even considered viable alternatives to a bigger, dirtier, gas power plant.

You can RSVP or find out more information about the January 23rd council meeting here.

Here’s the discussion from the December 19th council meeting:

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Natural Gas is not the answer