Project Overview

  • Glendale Water and Power (GWP) is proposing to rebuild and expand its gas plant at the site of the old Grayson facility near San Fernando Rd. and Flower St about a mile from downtown Glendale.
  • The proposal will replace most of an aging facility built between the 1940s and 2000s. It will add additional gas generation capacity resulting in a net generation capacity increase of 77 MW.
  • The expansion will cost $500 million plus interest over 30 years. This will be funded through a city bond issue and will become a binding financial obligation of the City of Glendale (and hence Glendale ratepayers)
  • We are asking the City to do what LADWP has just done – put the CEQA process on temporary hold and commission an independent study of clean energy alternatives.

History of the Grayson Expansion

  • Glendale hired Pace Global, a division of gas turbine maker Siemens, to write the 2015 Integrated Resource Plan which recommends building a new larger plant with several new Siemens gas turbines.
  • The city hired Stantec to do the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) and additional project managment. Stantec is famous for doing the design and installation for the Keystone Pipeline. None of the main engineers working on the EIR had experience with renewable energy.
  • Stantec comes out with Draft EIR and has two public meetings.
    • The first one is for the public and the Utility commission. You can watch it here.
    • The second one was for the public only and wasn’t recorded.
    • Between the two meetings, 75 Glendale citizens showed up to comment. There were no comments from anyone supporting the EIR
  • The public comment period ended November 20th, 2017
  • Stantec published the final EIR with answers to the comments on March 1st, 2018

The future of the Grayson Expansion

  • GWP will present the Final EIR to the Utility Commission in late March so that they can pass a recommendation to council.
  • GWP will present the final EIR to council on April 10th, 2018 and the council may vote to finalize it that night.
  • The Glendale City Council will review the final EIR, the recommendation of the Utility Commission and then vote to certify the finale EIR. This does not mean that they approve the project just that the EIR is complete
  • The Glendale City Council will next vote on starting the Grayson Expansion project. Once the Final EIR is certified, this vote could happen at any time.
Glendale City Council
The Glendale City Council